Architecture design office

Architecture Design Office

Our activities, which started in 2004, have provided many opportunities to explore the vision of the city, the dreams of companies and individuals, the history and progress of architecture and the city. These activities extend not only to Japan but also to various countries around the world. It was also a challenge to new ideas and technologies. We will continue to ask questions and take on challenges.

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House in Chuuourinkan(Kanagawa/Japan)


Architecture,Landscape design,
City planning,Urban design,
Interior design,Furniture,and others.


Site conditions, City, History, Regulations, Finance, Real estate, Strategy,
and other.


Renovation of existing building.


We will design using the optimum design method according to each condition and type.


House in Chuuourinkan(Kanagawa/Japan)


The house planned in Kanagawa Prefecture has been completed. An urban dwelling that requires multiple layers to be established.
If we can develop such a space like underwater, I thought it would be possible to create a spacious place to live without feeling cramped.

When you put yourself inside the actual building, it looks like underwater Spaces in each layer with different properties are connected without breaks, When I was invited by the light that shines from the top to the bottom and went up, It reaches a semi-external space surrounded by walls on all four sides and only the upper part is open. I feel that the top of the wall that opens above it is in the most open zone, like the surface of the water looking up from the water. It is an architecture that gets closer to the outside as it gets farther from the ground.